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Sunday, March 06, 2005

getting some culture

panda's finally come out of his shell, stopped hitting the sauce, and is ready to let the world know where his animal adventures have taken him. recently, he says that world events have been on his mind - the rapid spread of democracy throughout eastern europe and in the gulf, bickering over the future of social security, and the pope's medical troubles among them.

catching up

he's been trying to read up as much as he can, refining his sensibilities and developing a nuanced opinion. is it just a phase, trying to snag a sassy uptown consort come mating season? time will tell. one thing caught his eye in the latest issue of foreign affairs - the menacing (but relatively uncommented upon) staring contest with north korea.


does his lineage make him naturally paranoid about his old neighborhood? or is he onto something? backing out of the six-party talks and demanding a bilateral negotiation with the U.S., kim has backed himself into a corner. panda's feelings seem to be pretty strong on the issue, judging from his reading habits lately.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

lazy lately

lazy lately
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panda's been out of commission lately - i think he may have gotten into the gin in the freezer. as you can see, it looks like he's had some difficulty even pulling himself out of bed in the morning. he assures me he's actually done some things since i went on vacation, and he's going to report soon. okay panda, this time we'll give you the benefit of the doubt.